La Gioia

A singer & A Cellist

A chair, some light, a good acoustic... that’s all we need for our performance!

Through a diversified repertoire, the «Duo La Gioia» suggests a wide range of expressions of voice and cello. Together, they give full scope to opera arias, jazz rhythms, nostalgic popular melodies as well as to lively and sparkling excerpts of operettas and musicals.

" A duo full of vitality and emotions that expresses beauty in all its purity."



Contact: info@duolagioia.be



Listen to sample (click)


G. Gershwin, Summertime

A. Hamilton,Cry me a river

A. Dvorak, Rusalka

R. Strauss, Morgen


M. De Falla, Nana & Asturiana (video)